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Air-Tek has been meeting the indoor air quality needs of the state of Alabama and the surrounding areas since 1995. As a proven regional leader in air duct cleaning, we take our role seriously in ensuring your indoor air environment is served by the best products, service, and the most knowledgeable staff.

Our company maintains memberships in the National Air Filtration Association and the National Air Duct Cleaning Association, demonstrating our commitment to meet and exceed industry standards. As a company based in Alabama, we maintain a license with the Alabama State Heating and Cooling Board.

Our service personnel place a priority on professionalism & quality work.


Our service personnel place a priority on professionalism and quality work. Our team leaders have continued their training by gaining certification from programs such as the National Certified Technician program from the National Air Filtration Association and the Air Systems Cleaning Specialists Program from the National Air Duct Cleaning Association.


Our President, Doug Johnson, Certified Air Filter Specialist©, has over 40 years of experience helping building engineers in this region meet their HVAC filtration, air duct cleaning, and isolation room needs in a proficient and cost-effective manner. Doug holds an HVAC Contractors license.


Greg Wyatt, our indoor air quality manager, has over 30 years of experience in the HVAC industry. Greg directs our commercial and residential Air Duct Cleaning division. He maintains certifications as a Certified Air Filtration Specialist©, a Ventilation System Mold Remediator© and an Air Systems Cleaning Specialist© granted by the National Air Duct Cleaners Association. From construction managers to building engineers to home owners, Greg’s extensive background enables him to work knowledgeably with each of his customers — no matter the size of the project.


Our Vice-President, Micah Gray (co-owner of the Filter Division of AirTek), is a certified Air Filter Specialist with the NAFA.  With over 17 years of experience in the HVAC air filter market, Micah has experience in selling HVAC filtration, gas phase filtration, dust collector replacement cartridges, and inline filtration. 
From the most standard HVAC filtration to HEPA filtration, Micah is eager to help.  He is well respected in the air filtration industry and will be glad to discuss your air quality needs.  
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